Non-Public Student Transportation

The Susquenita School District is pleased to provide transportation to all students residing within the geographic boundaries of our district who are attending non-public schools in the area. Transportation is provided to all schools that are within ten miles of our school district boundaries.

In order to use the provided transportation, a Non-Public Transportation Request must be completed for each child and submitted by June 30th of EACH school year by the school the student is attending.

Non-Public School Information Form
Non-Public Add Form
Non-Public Drop Form

Students will be transported to and from their individual schools by vans, being picked up at the approved stop nearest their home or babysitter.

If your school should have an early dismissal, PARENTS are responsible for their child's transportation home. On days when you need transportation and the Susquenita School District is not in session, the students will be picked up and dropped off at their regular stops.

At various times during the school year it will be necessary to delay the start of school or to close school due to the weather or other emergency conditions. This is one of the most difficult and challenging decisions a district must make, and one that is not taken lightly. We aim to provide ample notice as we recognize delays and cancelations impact schedules.

In the event of a weather delay or cancelation, notice will be given via the following methods:

  • Automated telephone, email, text message alert system (for parents of student in the district and staff)
  • District Website
  • Local TV and Radio Stations
  • District and School Facebook pages

Any transportation questions can be addressed to the Transportation Department at 717.957.6000, option 5.