Visitor Management System

The Susquenita School District utilizes Ident-a-kid. This system is used in approximately 7,000 schools across the United States. We will ask the following when you visit our schools this year:

Activate the call button to speak with one of our outstanding administrative assistants. They will ask you kindly your name and purpose of the visit. If you are dropping off an item, or picking up your student, you will then go to the second door and activate the call button to be permitted into the office.

If you are attending a meeting inside the building, visiting, or conducting work inside the school, you will be scanned into the Schools Main Office where you will be asked to follow the steps on the self-check in the computer kiosk for registration. At this time you will need to bring a government issued identification card. Following the check in, you will proceed to activate the call button to enter the office for your printed identification badge.

The picture identification label badge will need to be displayed on the left hand side on the outside of clothing just below your shoulder.

As you exit through the office, you turn in your label badge to our front office administrative assistants who will provide you with a barcode that you will scan upon exiting the building to sign you out.

Volunteers who have been approved and have acquired the red identification badge will be provided a quick access scan tag to enter.

We thank you for assisting us to protect our students. The identification is used to run guests' names through the Megan's Law sexual offenders list and to provide us with electronic tracking of guests in our schools. Your continued support and cooperation are valued and essential for our District Community. The protection of your personal information is important to us. Please see the Identakid privacy disclosure information.