Activity Bus

What is the Activity Bus?

Activity buses are a service that the school district offers to middle and high school students participating in approved school-related activities (athletics, extra-curricular activities, and study sessions.) Activity buses follow major routes throughout our school district boundaries each day. Not all stops included on the regular runs will be included in the activity runs.

The bus will pick-up at the Middle School at 5:15 PM and at the High School at 5:20 PM.

Activity buses DO NOT run on days when students are not in school.

What is the procedure for the Activity Bus?

Students must have a transportation pass with an authorized signature by School District personnel, or be participating in a supervised co-curricular activity, in order to ride an activity bus.

Activity Bus Schedules

Marysville Activity Bus #1

Route: From Susquenita High School turn right on Rt. 11/15 south. Turn right on Rt. 850. Continue on Rt. 850 to Grier Point Rd. Turn left. Turnaround at church. Return to Rt. 850, Turn right. Turn right on New Valley Rd. Road changes to Kings Hwy. Turn left on Rt. 11/15 to bus lot.

Stops along the Route:
1. Any Approved stops in Perdix
2. Route 850 / Maple Ave. (telephone building)
3. Any regular approved bus stops along Route 850
4. Any regular approved stops on New Valley Rd.
5. This bus doesn't go into Dickens Acres and Idle Rd.
6. This bus will take students into Leewood & drop off at 98 Lone Oak Dr.

This will be the first bus in the line-up.

Duncannon Activity Bus #2

Route: From Susquenita High School turn left on Rt.11/15 to Duncannon. Exit at Duncannon, turn right at Legion, turn left on Creek Rd., turn right on Hoffman Rd., turn left on Butchershop Rd. left on Rt. 849, turn right on Aqueduct Rd. (turns into Loshes Run Rd. Turnaround at Basin Hill Rd. Turn right on Pennells Church Rd., turn left into Wheatfield Estates make loop & return to Rt. 849. Turn right on Rt. 849, turn right on Basin Hill Rd, turn left on Paradise Rd. to Rt. 274, turn left to Montebello Farm Rd., turn right on Creek Rd. back to Duncannon. Return to bus lot. This bus will stop at Mountain Rd. / Paradise Rd. for students living in Paradise Park.

Total Miles 50.6

This will be the second bus in the line-up.

Duncannon Activity Bus #3

Route: From Susquenita High School follow Rt. 11/15 to Duncannon. Take the Duncannon exit to the stop sign at legion. Turn left onto Rt. 274. Turn left on Hickory Drive. Turn left on Faculty Rd to cul-de-sac return to Rt. 274 and turn left. Turn left on Roseglen Road, turnaround at Cook Rd. Return to Rt. 274 turn left. Turn left on Dark Hollow Road, turn right on Pleasant Grove Rd., turn right Windy Hill Rd., turn right on Roseglen Rd., turn left on to Dark Hollow Rd. Return to Rt. 274. Turn left. Follow Rt. 274 to Rt. 34. Turn left on Dellville Rd. Follow Dellville Rd. back to Rt. 274 turn right and return to bus lot.

Stops along the Route:
1. Any regular approved stops along route
2. Entrance to Penn Twp. Building
3. Gambers Corner

This will be the third bus in the line-up.

Watts Activity Bus #4

Route: From Susquenita High School turn left on Schoolhouse Rd., turn left on Sawmill Rd. Follow Sawmill Rd. to Cove Rd. turn left on Cove Rd. Turn Around Follow Cove Rd to Rt. 11/15, turn left to Duncannon, Exit at Duncannon, turn right at Legion onto Market St., follow Market St. thru Subway. Turn onto Rt. 322 East, exit at Halifax, turn left on Rt. 147, turn around at Rupp Rd., turn right on Rt. 147, turn left on Brubaker Rd., turn right onto Rt. 22/322 West, cross over Clarks Ferry Bridge. Follow Rt. 22/322, exit onto Rt. 11/15 North past Ranch House Restaurant, turn left on Pine Tree Rd., turn around at Scotch Dr., return back to Rt. 11/15 south, turn right on Mill St., turn right on Creek Rd., turn left on Notch Rd. Turn left on Amity Rd. Turn right on Huggins Rd., turn around at old barn on left before going downhill to Watts exit. Proceed back to Huggins Rd. turn around At Amity Enterprises, turn left on Blacksnake Rd., turn right on Circle Rd., turn left on Amity Rd. If any students need transported to Girtys Notch, They will be dropped off last.

Total Mileage 60.2

This will be the fourth bus in the line-up.