Secondary Transition

The District provides support for students in the areas of career development, soft skills and life skills development in addition to traditional educational learning. The district offers interviewing skills, and support with creating resumes and completing job applications. The students are invited to participate in presentations from numerous post-secondary institutions about career choices and program opportunities within their institutions. Susquenita also supports students as they prepare to attend post-secondary institutions by encouraging the students to reach out to the Office of Disability services of the post-secondary institution they would like to attend prior to graduation. Students are able to apply for a job shadow or career exploration in a potential career field. The District also presents on topics such as how to use social media appropriately, interviewing skills, financial management, creating budgets, and self-esteem issues throughout the school year in the classroom and in partnership with local agencies depending on availability to support independent living skills. The District provides students and families contact information for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Cumberland/Perry Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services Unit to support in the transition between high school services and adult services.

Susquenita hosts a Mock Interview session in partnership with the Perry County Chamber of Commerce for the seniors prior to graduation. Seniors participate in activities to write a cover letter, resume, complete a job application, and write a thank you letter to the interviewer. The District holds career awareness events every year. Every other year, a Transition Fair is held that includes post secondary institutions, businesses, military, and community agencies who meet with students to discuss options. This is held during the school day so that all students in the high school as well as the eighth grade class can attend. The district participates with Junior Achievement to hold the REAL Life financial literacy event for Juniors and Seniors every other year.

The District provides volunteer opportunities for students with disabilities to engage in their career area of interest and obtain workplace skills that they can transfer to possible jobs upon graduation from high school. The volunteer opportunities also help our students to establish a connection with their community, as well as learn about the value of volunteer services. The transition coordinator and/or job coach provides job coaching during school hours for students with disabilities that are hired by local employers.

Secondary Transition Resources

  • Planning for the future checklist
  • Post secondary agencies