Special Education And Student Services

Welcome to the Special Education Department. The Susquenita School District is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students with special needs and helping them become productive and successful members of our society. Our Special Education Department encompasses many programs and initiatives designed to meet the various needs of each individual student. We accomplish this by focusing on each student's individual needs and developing a comprehensive plan that includes services and instructional accommodations in the least restrictive environment. Based on the students' needs, we have developed new programming, delivery of services, training for all instructional staff, and on-going evaluation of our current programs. Our belief is that Susquenita students will receive the best education from Susquenita staff.

The Special Education Department at Susquenita School District is comprised of dedicated and highly trained individuals that are committed to offering each individual student with special needs a free and appropriate public education. Our Special Education Staff includes a Director of Special Education, two full-time psychologists, two secretaries, twenty-five special education teachers, thirty-six paraprofessionals, and seven personal care assistants. Currently, 100% of our special education teachers, special education paraprofessionals, and personal care assistants are highly qualified. Susquenita School District provides training for paraprofessionals to attain a highly qualified status.

Susquenita School District is focused on educating our students within district programs. We contract with several agencies that provide expertise and outreach to our programs and direct services to our students. These agencies support individual student needs and training and consultation needs within the classroom. With a focus on educating students within Susquenita School District, our programs include specialized supports across the district. We offer Learning Support, Emotional Support, Life Skills Support, and Autistic Support for all grade levels, and Multiple Disabilities Support at the Elementary School and Middle School. Itinerant, supplemental and full-time learning support services are provided for students at every building level with a focus on providing a full continuum of services. These services provide the support and accommodations that are necessitated by their Individualized Education Program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Special Education and Student Services at (717) 957-6000, option 4.