Digital Tools

The Susquenita District is committed to the safety of our students, especially when it comes to young students using online resources. To this end, we regularly teach students about appropriate online behavior, including interacting via social networks and in chat rooms, cyber-bullying, and protecting against the disclosure of personal information.

We also recognize that there are a number of excellent online educational resources that would benefit our students, often by providing unique learning experiences. Notably, interactive online resources provide some of the most compelling new educational tools for students. While allowing access to these interactive online educational resources, we also want to balance the protection of your child's privacy and personal information.

Please visit the list of interactive websites, apps, and extensions that have been approved for use by our teachers. Each site provides a link to a privacy policy and terms of service, which describes how that site collects and/or uses student data. We encourage you to visit each website and review the privacy policy for how student data is used.

SSD Digital Tools - COPPA Consent

Under the federal "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act", these websites must provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. For more information on COPPA please visit the Federal Trade Commission's Frequently Asked Questions page.

The law permits schools such as Susquenita School District to consent to the collection of personal information on behalf of all of their students, thereby eliminating the need for individual parental consent given directly to the website operator. An electronic consent is on the New and Returning Student Forms.