Power School

To access the PowerSchool Parent Portal you will need to create a new parent username and password. Powerschool has the capability of having more than one student's information visible under your parent login and more than one parent account for each student. Our Powerschool website is: https://psssq.susq.k12.pa.us.

Students may log in using their school username and password. Parents/guardians must create a new account. Consequently, old parent/guardian accounts will no longer work. Use the following instructions to create your new parent/guardian account(s).

Instructions for logging into Parent Portal (even if you have used Parent Portal in the past).

  1. Open your Web browser to the PowerSchool Parent Portal URL at: https://psssq.susq.k12.pa.us.

  2. Click Create Account Tab.

  3. Enter your first name.

  4. Enter your last name.

  5. Enter your email address.

  6. Enter your desired username. It must be unique. If the name you choose already exists, you will be prompted to enter a different one after you press the enter button.

  7. Enter your desired password - it must be at least 6 characters long.

  8. Re-enter your password.

  9. Enter your student's first and last name.

  10. Enter the Parent ID (Student Number)

  11. Enter the Parent Password (Student Birthdate)

  12. Enter your relationship to the student

  13. If you have a Parent ID and Password for another student, you may enter them on the next line. When all student information has been completed, press the enter button.

  14. If successful, you will be directed to the login screen. If you receive an error message (forgot to fill in a field, your username or email address are not unique, etc.), you must correct the error(s) AND re-enter the parent password(s) for all students listed. You may then press the enter button again. Continue correcting errors until you see the login screen after pressing the enter button.

  15. If you desire more than one parent/guardian account for your student, please provide the Parent ID and Parent Password to anyone that you authorize to access your student's information (parents, guardians, relatives, siblings, etc.)