Chambers Singers

Group Chambers Singers

The Chamber Singers are an ensemble of 12-18 highly qualified singers in grades 9-12. Singers must go through a rigorous audition in the spring prior to membership.

Once admitted into the ensemble, the student will have Chamber Singers added to their course load. Chamber Singers meet once a week in the evening, and will be called for sectionals during the school day as needed.

This group performs music of high difficulty to a high degree of excellence. Because of the lack of rehearsal time alloted for this group, membership in this ensemble involves intense out-of-school time in rehearsal, individual practice and numerous performances throughout the entire year.

Chamber Singers MUST be members of the West Side Singers as a requirement (and they must also sing with the Festival Chorus.) At the end of each school year, students will repeat the process above and re-audition for the ensemble.