Attention Parents:
Due to paving on Lansvale Street starting Wednesday May 8, 2019,
Bus #1 will not be able to get to the Lansvale & Ash bus stop or Lansvale & Church bus stop.
Students at Lansvale & Ash go to Broad & Lansvale and
Students at Lansvale & Church go to Cassell & Church or Lincoln & Lansvale.

The new Bus #1 route will be as follows:
The bus will travel south on Overcrest
Turn left (east) on Cameron
Turn right (south) on Broad
BUS STOP: Broad & Lansvale
Straight on Broad
Curve to left (east) on Cassell
BUS STOP: Cassell & Church
Straight on Cassell
Left (north) on Lincoln
BUS STOP: Lincoln & Cassell
BUS STOP: Lincoln & Lansvale
BUS STOP: Lincoln & Cameron