SSD Blended Cyber


    The Susquenita School District Blended Cyber Program is an educational program designed to meet the needs of students who want to pursue their education in a non-traditional format.  Susquenita is currently a member partner with the Capital Area Online Learning Association (CAOLA) and will be contracting through them for the distance learning program that is competency based and fully aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.  This standards-aligned curriculum requires students to demonstrate their proficiency through tests and exams aligned to the mastery based lessons.  

    Each student is assigned a personal advisor through Susquenita to help with counseling course selections and advice for college and high school graduation requirements.  A Susquenita team of professionals has been identified to provide registration guidance, placement support, testing support, accurate record keeping and ongoing communication.  Students enrolled in the Blended Cyber School are eligible to participate in all district activities.  Students who complete graduation requirements of Susquenita School District through participation in the program will receive a Susquenita School District diploma.

    If you are interested in attending the Susquenita School District Blended Cyber Program please complete an online application.  Online Application

    There is an application and enrollment process for our blended cyber program that includes a meeting with our cyber team and mandatory orientation. New students to the blended cyber program can only be enrolled at the beginning of the school year or beginning of the second semester. 

    For more information on the program, view our brochure or read the SSD Blended Cyber Handbook. You may also contact the elementary school, middle school, or high school office or email Christine Matash at


    Some Benefits of SSD Cyber

    • Graduate from Susquenita High School
    • High school students are eligible for dual enrollment opportunities
    • High school students are able to attend Cumberland Perry Vo-Tech
    • All students are eligible to participate in all District activities
    • All students are provided an iPad
    • All students have a Susquenita School District advisor
    • All students have the option to be tutored from a Susquenita School District teacher



  • Susquenita School District CAOLA students who do not have home Internet will be provided a hot spot that provides 2 GB of service per month to be used for student school work.  Families will not be charged.



  • Susquenita School District offers CAOLA students opportunities for tutoring the following ways:

    1. With your online grader during their office hours.  Check with your teacher for availability.
    2. After school study center at Susquenita High School or Susquentia Middle School.
    3. One on one tutoring with a Susquenita School District teacher during the school day. Please contact the school's cyber advisor to set this up.