Canvas for Parents

  • Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is used in grades 7-12 to support our 1:1 iPad Initiative.   A few other teachers in other grade levels may also be using it.  It is synced with PowerSchool so students are automatically enrolled in each of their courses.  Canvas is used by our teachers as a way to share course work with students, due dates and other communications.  Some teachers use it to have students turn in assignments and grade student work.  Remember PowerSchool will still have the most current grade and attendance information for your child.

    In order for you to start using Canvas as a parent, you must sign up. You will need a pairing code.  Your child or your child's teacher can give you the pairing code. You will not be able to create an account on a mobile device.  It must be on a computer.  In addition, your child will need to find the pairing code on a web browser. There is no pairing code within the Canvas app.

    Please go to this website for more instructions: