School Board Policies

    The Board of School Directors is in the process of reviewing and revising Board Policies with the support of the Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA). Those policies which have been revised to date, or are currently under review, can be accessed via the PSBA's BoardDocs website at:
    All other policies can be accessed below.

    In the event the Board of School Directors is unable to meet within 48 hours, authorization is given for the Superintendent to make decisions and implement actions in line with the Federal and State guidelines during the state-wide COVID-19 shutdown and waiving strict compliance with District Policies if necessary.  The Superintendent will notify the members of the Board of School Directors of any such decisions and actions.

    The SECOND READING has been approved for the following policy:

    208 - Withdrawal from School


000 - Local Board Procedures

200 - Pupils

300 - Administrative Employees

400 - Professional Employees

500 - Classified Employees

600 - Finances

700 - Property

800 - Public Records

900 - Community