Attendance Requirements

  • Attendance in Susquenita Blackhawk Academy will be measured through a combination of a student meeting their pacing goals (completion of assignments) and engagement in synchronous/collaborative learning activities. While teachers are encouraged to monitor student’s daily progress, attendance will be tracked on a weekly basis to allow for flexibility.

    To be marked present for each day, students may choose to complete one of the following:

    • Attend one synchronous learning session per day
    • Come into the building for at least two hours to complete coursework or receive help from a teacher
    • Complete an engagement form
    • Complete 20% of the assignment total

    To be marked present for each week, students can complete a mix of the options above. For instance, if a student completes 60% of assignments, they can choose to complete two engagement forms on two different days; come in the building one day and attend one synchronous learning session; or complete one engagement form and attend one synchronous learning session.

    Please know that attendance recording  is a PDE requirement of any and all online programs - the same as with face-to-face learning in a brick and mortar setting.

    Students will be marked unlawful or unexcused unless a valid excuse is received within 3 school-days. You should email an excuse to your student’s Assistant Principal for days the student is absent.